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      校風: 科學務實 Discipline 自強不息 Perseverance 追求完美  Excellence

      教風:博學 Knowledgeable、善教 Professional、愛生 Caring

      學風:尊師 Respectful、 勤學 Diligent、善問 Curious


      Yiwu Qunxing Foreign Languages School is located at No.577 Jichang Road. It was founded by Mr. Zhao Guoliang in 1995. Qunxing is a boarding school integrated with primary department, junior high department, and senior high department.


      Qunxing’s teaching facilities are highly advanced, utilizing some of the best electronic and multimedia teaching equipment in Zhejiang province. Our staff consist of provincial and municipal teachers who are highly experienced and professional. We also have more than ten professional foreign teachers from all around the world who offer unique first-hand experience and instruction. Qunxing cooperates with many well-known foreign universities, such as the University of Wisconsin and Towson University.

      學校自引入倫華教育以來,秉持“理念國際化”“課程多樣化”“教學小班化”的辦學理念,致力于培養兼具中西文化背景,具創新意識和實踐能力,富有社會責任感的現代公民。學校通過節日文化、拓展課程等活動激發學生學習興趣,拓寬學生視野。小學部設有實驗班、英特班、淑女班等多種課程模式供學生選擇,讓學生在純正的英語環境中享受學習樂趣。初中部設有英才班和劍橋班,開設德語、西語等二外課程,使學生掌握三門語言,拓寬學生發展前景。高中部設有精英班、A Level班和西班牙語班,為不同教育目標的家長和學生提供了多元選擇。

      Since introducing the Lunhua Education, Qunxing has been upholding on the concepts of international philosophy, a diverse curriculum and small-class teaching. The school is also committed to developing modern citizens who have a strong sense of innovation, responsibility and practicality. Through festivals and extracurricular courses, our school motivates students’ interests in learning and broadens their horizons. Our highly advanced primary department offers Experimental Classes, IC (International Curriculum) Classes and Girls’ Classes, which are integrated into an organic whole. At Qunxing, students can be immersed in an English environment and enjoy learning English. The junior high department also offers Elite Class and Cambridge IGCSE Class. These two kinds of classes allow students to master three languages and expand their promising prospects. The senior high department offers Elite Class, A Level Class and Spanish Class. QFLS offers diverse choices for parents and students with different educational goals.

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